Contact Paper Flower Craft

Approaching Spring is such an exciting time! Everybody is so ready for some warm weather and the flowers bursting forth. However, here in NC, Spring weather is unpredictable. We had wonderful warm days last week where we played outside and observed all these new changes around us and in our yard. Lots of new buds on the trees and colorful flowers filled the yard. We collected some of these flowers to save for a later crafts.

Then, the weather turned cold again. We began to see snow flurries! And we were all so dissappointed to not be able to go outside without bundling up yet again. 

As we were sitting by the window I remembered the flowers we had collected and decided to make the most of this time inside. We grabbed some contact paper and went to work. 

All we had to do was stick the contact paper to our large window in the living room. Contact paper is only sticky on one side so we taped it (sticky side out) to the window. I grabbed the flowers and began disecting all the bits and pieces we could. Finally the kids got to work making their own wonderful artwork!


 This was another simple, spur of the moment craft that kept these guys busy for about an hour. And again, little cost, little clean up! Win-win! Also, at the end, we grabbed another piece of contact paper and stuck it to our creations (sticky side down) to seal them. You can border them with washi tape and they make a great keepsake, suncatcher, or light table manipulative!

 Please feel free to share your spring crafting ideas!